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Implications of Interfaces in Shape Memory Alloys

le 9 décembre 2021
à 13h30

Yongjun HE, chercheur à l’IMSIA et enseignant à l'ENSTA Paris-Tech

Yongjun HE

Yongjun HE

Résumé/Abstract :

Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs) have special properties such as shape memory effect and super-elasticity because they can take solid-solid martensitic phase transformation under various thermo-mechanical loading conditions. During the phase transformation, interfaces (separating different phases/domains) are nucleated to propagate via various modes/patterns which imply the essence of the material responses to the external stimuli. In this seminar, various interface propagation modes in different SMAs (polycrystal and single crystal) will be demonstrated and their relations to the macroscopic stress-strain curves, energy dissipation, loading rate effects and fatigue failure will be discussed. The demonstrations will indicate that the existing theories (both Sharp Interface Model and Diffuse Interface Model) need to be improved to describe the interface propagation to understand the essential material behaviors.

Type :
Séminaires - conférences
Lieu(x) :
ENS Paris-Saclay
Amphithéâtre d'Alembert - 1Z18

Recherche d'une actualité

Recherche d'une actualité