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The LMT is strongly involved in training through research, through four second year M2 Master courses at the University of Paris-Saclay :

This master's degree is a training course in materials mechanics. This discipline aims to establish the relationships between the process, the material, its microstructure and its mechanical properties for advanced industrial applications and innovative processes.

The Master's degree aims to provide the theoretical, mathematical, numerical, computer and software modelling bases for this broad field, enabling the concrete problems linked to the dimensioning and virtual design of complex mechanical systems to be apprehended and resolved.

The aim of this research-oriented course is to acquire scientific autonomy in the field of Civil Engineering with a significant opening towards environmental implications. An expertise and a continuity of knowledge of the material (cement or other) up to the structure is thus acquired during this year of training.

The aim of this research-oriented course is to provide students with training in the transfer of Civil Engineering materials, building envelopes and floors to scale. This training enables us to respond to current expectations on the optimisation of systems using energy from design to use over their lifetime. It focuses on the interactions between the building envelope and the internal and external environments.

The four courses give rise to collaborations between, on the one hand, partner research establishments and laboratories in Ile-de-France and, on the other hand, industrial partners.

Doctoral school
A significant proportion of students and students who choose these courses then continue their training through research by completing a doctoral thesis at the LMT or other partner research laboratories.

Doctoral training, structured around its ED SMEMAG, structured within the University of Paris-Saclay by the Doctoral College, enables these courses to be completed. The strong involvement of the members of the laboratory in the teaching structures leads to the recruitment of doctoral students at the highest level.

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