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Welcome at LMT | Laboratory of Mechanics and Technology


The LMT (Laboratoire de Mécanique et Technologie) is a Joint Research Unit of the University of Paris-Saclay, ENS Paris-Saclay and CNRS (UMR8535).
Made up of about 140 people, the LMT is currently directed by Pierre-Alain BOUCARD and the deputy directors Fabrice GATUINGT, Olivier HUBERT and David NÉRON.
The research activities of the LMT concern the modelling of solids and structures: material mechanics, experimental mechanics, numerical simulation and high performance computing.
They come under the domain that the Anglo-Saxons call "Engineering Sciences".
The fundamentals of the LMT are based on research of the best international level in each of these fields.
Most of the research, motivated by industrial and societal problems and challenges, seeks to bring out ideas, methods and concepts that provide answers to these challenges in the long term and is often carried out in close relationship with other fields, such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, scientific computing and computer science.


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Mailing address : ENS Paris-Saclay - LMT - 4, avenue des sciences - CS30008 - 91192 GIF SUR YVETTE CEDEX - FRANCE
Tel: 01 81 87 51 51